In 2008, IBERDROLA had 3 projects to reduce energy consumption in companies:


Energy Monitoring

Department: Industry and Services

The intangible measure of IBERDROLA approved by ERSE for the year of 2008, named as “Energy Monitoring”, enabled the identification of energy saving measures resulting from the adoption of best practices of energy by the Participants, by providing training to staff engaged in energy activities and supporting the implementation of energy saving measures.

We performed 50 Energy Audits and respective individual reports, and based on all these works we prepared a generic Good Practice Handbook [PDF](*).

We proposed 215 Measures to optimise energy consumption:

  • Lighting optimisation,
  • Optimisation of Compressed Air production,
  • Installation of solar heating panels,
  • Measures related with electrical contracts,
  • Installation of variable speed drives in motors.

Annual savings of 3.300 MWh/year and 1.500 tons of CO2/year equivalent to 354.000 €/year (average reduction of 8% in consumption, and in some cases there were reductions above 20%).


Free cooling

Department: Trade & Services

The "Free cooling as a measure to complement air conditioning systems" was approved by the ERSE for the year of 2008, as one of the tangible measures for the Trade and Services segment.

This allows to reduce energy consumption through the installation of systems that work as a complement of refrigeration of "freezing cycle" type, by making use of the potential of outdoor cooling.

We performed 150 visits to technical rooms.

There was an average reduction of 36% in electric power consumption;

Average consumption avoided per device was of 68.543 KWh/year;

Total consumption avoided was of 6.443.000 KWh/year.


Cleaning Control of Filter Sleeves

Department: Industry and Agriculture

Measure re-dimensioned to 4% of the value presented in the application to ERSE.

The “Cleaning Control of Filter Sleeves" measure was approved by the ERSE for the year of 2008, with the purpose of reducing the consumption of compressed air in dust removal systems (based on filter sleeves technology) and, consequently, the consumption of electrical energy associated with the production of compressed air.

We installed 20 control devices with pressure differential in industrial consumers of electrical power, that have industrial installations with filters and cleaning control via timer;

Average consumption avoided per device was of 2.258KWh/year;

Total consumption avoided was of 45.150KWh/year.


(*) Portuguese version.