Alto Tâmega Project

IBERDROLA is developing the Alto Tâmega hydroelectric complex in Portugal, the Project will be built in various stages (2014-2023), the largest project of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula to have been carried out in the last 25 years. The budget of the Project is EUR 1,200 millon, with the heaviest investment taking place from 2018-2020. A 1,200 MW power will be installed, and will reach an annual production of 1,800 GWh, about 4% of the countries electrical consumption.

This initiative, which underlines the company’s commitment to cleaner generation technology and to progress in Portugal, envisages exploiting hydroelectricity infrastructure at Gouvães (pumping station), Alto Tâmega (pure turbine station) and Daivões (pure turbine station) for 70 years.

Also, during its construction, 3,500 direct jobs and another 10,000 indirect ones will be created.