Portugal Wind Farms

IBERDROLA has three wind farms in operation, with a rated output of 92 MW:

  • Catefica, in the municipality of Torres Vedras, 18 MW;
  • Alto do Monção, in the municipalities of Mortágua and Tondela, 32 MW; and
  • Serra do Alvão, in the municipality of Ribeira de Pena, 42 MW.

In Portugal, this is a regulated activity that remains subject to the applicable legislation for "Special scheme Production". Tariffs are defined according to the "feed-in tariff” model.

The three wind power stations indicated above produce 200 GWh/year of renewable electricity. This is equivalent to the electricity used by thirty-five thousand homes. On the basis of the revenues generated, the four municipalities involved were paid over half a million euros.


|Map showing Project location [PDF]|