Customers With Special Needs

The following are entitled to be considered Customers with Special Needs:

  • People with motor disabilities that are unable to move without a wheelchair;
  • People with visual disabilities that are totally blind;
  • People with auditory disabilities that are totally deaf;
  • Customers that rely on medical equipment that is essential for their survival;

Customers that live with people in the above circumstances also qualify for this special status.

With a view to ensuring customised treatment, they should request to be registered as Customers with Special Needs with IBERDROLA, S.A., submitting at the same time a medical statement that provides proof of their condition. In turn, IBERDROLA, S.A. transfers this information to EDP, in order that it can register this circumstance in its database.

In the presence of Customers with Special Needs, IBERDROLA, S.A. ensures high quality commercial relations and specifically guarantees that in the event of foreseeable interruptions to supply, these Customers shall be contacted as soon as IBERDROLA, S.A. receives this information from EDP Distribuição.