Regulations and Legislation

The most important regulations for framing relations between the seller and its customers are the Commercial Relations Regulations, which set out provisions regarding the commercial relations existing between the various subjects that intervene in the Portuguese National Electricity System (SEN), as well as the commercial conditions for connection to public grids, and the Quality of Service Regulations, which define quality standards for supplying electricity, as regards commercial quality, continuity of service and the quality of the voltage wave.

Commercial Relations: more information in ERSE.

Quality of Service: 
Quality of service content summary [PDF](*).
RQS-SE-2013 Regulation 455/2013 [PDF](*).
RQS-SE-2013 Directive 20 [PDF](*).

The sectoral legislation may be consulted on the website of the Direcção-Geral de Energia(*).

(*)Portuguese Version.