With the Electrical Protection service for your home, your electricity installation and major appliances will be covered if they break down. So you can forget about unforeseen expenses and unnecessary payments.




What services do we offer you?

Protection for your electrical installation and white goods with assistance service for breakdown 
repairs and comprehensive maintenance at an exceptional price of €5.95 a month (excluding VAT). 
In addition, it includes a yearly intervention by a qualified technician at the customer's home.

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If you want to report an incident or make any enquiry related to the Home Electrical Protection Service, 
you can call the Technical Support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 808 50 20 50.



Já não terá de se preocupar com as despesas imprevistas causadas pelas avarias elétricas na instalação ou nos eletrodomésticos de gama branca, pois o serviço Proteção Elétrica Lar protege a sua habitação Contrate agora e poderá usufruir de três meses gratuitos.


You won't waste any more time trying to find specialists and comparing prices: all in a single service, you'll have professionals taking care of your electrical installation and repairing your household appliances and any electrical faults at home. You can cancel the service at any time with no penalties of any sort.

Peace of mind

You'll be able to rely on a service that covers the main - and most common - problems that arise in the home as regards your electrical installation and kitchen appliances.

Electric diy service

Includes a yearly intervention by a qualified technician at your home. Includes travel costs and up to 3 hours of labor.